Our unique frame repair methods to UPVC can save the customer unnecessary expense, but also in certain areas is more practical than a replacement. When a frame is a number of years old it can be impossible with changing manufacturing designs to source an exact replacement copy if it were to be damaged, this can be a problem if it is adjacent to another frame or in a conservatory, our repairs really are unique and the results outstanding.

Before and after pictures

Before and after pictures

Sometimes customers consider replacing perfectly good windows and doors that may look a little tired or have developed problems, when with a little T.L.C from Window Wise UK it can give them many more years of service. This may be perfect if you are putting your house on the market for instance and don’t want to spend too much money to get the maximum effect for a prospective buyer, or maybe just give your property a lift.

  • Unique UPVC frame repairs in white or woodgrain effect.
  • Failed or misted up double glazed sealed units replaced, we can match any existing design.
  • Discoloured UPVC door panels replaced.
  • Locks, Handles, Hinges, Faulty window & Doors gaskets & Seals replaced.
  • Problem windows & doors attended to inc sticking, catching or stiff operation.
  • Dull and weathered UPVC frames re-vitalised.
  • Garage door repairs & maintenance.